The photos of your day on the piste will appear directly on your smartphone

Every skier receives exclusively his own photos on his own smartphone, in complete respect of privacy

This is what the skier has to do to receive his photos.

1. Wear the sticker

Wearing the adhesive code given to him at the till with the skipass.

2. Ski and smile

Smiling when you pass in front the Pica® photo point on the piste.

3. Download the app

Download the Pica® app to receive immediately your photos on the smartphone.

Simple and effective, here's how it works

Along the ski slopes are Pica® photo points, automatic shots stationary booths.

Each skier receives an adhesive sticker with a unique code. The code is generated automatically by the software that Pica® provides to the plant manager.

Everything happens automatically and in real time

Downloading the app every skier immediately receives all of his photos directly on his smartphone.

In real time, Pica® software distributes all the photos taken. Each skier receives andcan only view his own photos in full compliance with the new European privacy law.

Are you managing a ski resort?

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Millions of photographs with your logo, shared on social platforms by thousands of skiers