The photos of your competition directly on your smartphone

Each athlete receives exclusively his photographs on his smartphone, in complete respect of privacy

Here's what the athlete has to do to get his own photos.

1. Wear the code

Wear the adhesive code that is supplied or that is printed on the bib.

2. Compete

Stay concentrate but smile when, during the competition, you meet one of the photographers.

3. Download the app

Download the Pica® app to receive immediately your photos on the smartphone.

Simple and effective, here's how it works

Along the way, photographers snap photos to the participants.

Each athlete receives a unique code. The code can be printed on the bib, the garments or it can be an adhesive sticker. The code is generated automatically by Pica® software.

Everything happens automatically and in real time

By downloading the Pica® app, the athlete immediately receives all the photos that were made directly on his smartphone.

In real time, Pica® technology distributes all the photos taken. Each athlete receives and can only view his photos in full compliance with the new European privacy law.

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