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What is Pica®

Pica® is a new patented technology for the sports world, which allows the automatic pairing of a photo to the person photographed. In real-time, every person receives their own photos directly on smartphone, in complete respect of their own privacy.

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Pica® gives you everything you need to start using right away the technology at your event!

Only three simple steps are needed.


The code

Each athlete receives a code that can be printed on a bib, on a garment, or it can be an adhesive sticker. The code is generated automatically by the software provided to photographers by Pica®.



Photos are taken along the route. The photographers do not need an y extra equipment,Pica® takes care of everything.


The app

Pica® software automatically captures and delivers all photos taken. By downloading the Pica® app, each participant receives exclusively his photos on his smartphone in full compliance with the new privacy policy.

Enter the Pica® world.

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Are you a photographer?

Are you a photographic studio or a freelance photographer?

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Are you an event organizer and you want to try the Pica® technology?

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Do you manage a resort and you want to bring the Pica® service to your piste?

You will not have to worry about anything, from now on, Pica® takes care of everything.

Pica® supplies you directly with anything you need to start using the technology at your event or resort.

Pica is already used in many events. Discover them and take part.

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We revolutionized the concept of photography in competitions and in the outdoor world.